pretensions to science

“these pretensions to “science” are typical of the progressive modern, whose ideological preferences and arguments suffer from the irrational prejudices and political self-interests that they routinely claim vitiate the traditionalist perspective.”

Anthropogenic catastrophic global warming? No, the topic Bruce Thornton is talking about is Gay Marriage and the Dysfunctions of Modernity.

“This incoherence is the consequence of modernity’s hubristic belief that human nature is infinitely plastic and can be shaped in any way we want. Determining the limits of such changes and redefinitions will ultimately be determined not by morality, knowledge, or argument, but by sheer power”

The problem is that a belief in a plasticity of human nature does not mesh very well with the idea that behavior, especially sexual behavior, is as innate and pre-determined as, for instance, such things as eye color.

Much of religion is based on the idea that man can rise above his inclinations and choose his behavior. That idea is a crucial component of a civilized society. It is the idea that is being contested.

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