Giving away countries after significant investment

“The reality – for better or worse – is that that no one in America takes treason very seriously anymore, and hasn’t for a long time. No individual has been charged with treason in the United States in fifty years, not since Tokyo Rose and Axis Sally were tried for broadcasting enemy propaganda to American troops during WWII. … So let’s not pretend that there is any real threat in the word “treason” capable of chilling criticism of current foreign policy.”

“The vitriolic and personal attacks on the President’s integrity and morality, while the war was only months old went beyond legitimate criticism and amounted to an effort to sabotage the war itself in the hopes that a failed war would unseat the President in the elections in November. These personal attacks were incitements to the American public to distrust and hate their President in the middle of a war.”

David Horowitz explains Why We Were in Iraq and the history and methods of the political opposition. The U.S. has abandoned victories before and the results were not pretty.

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