The problem with schools isn’t necessarily in the classroom

A kid on the bus pulled a gun and threatened to shoot. Three football players tackled him and wrestled away the gun. Joanne Jacobs has the story.

“The heroes were given an “emergency suspension” for being part of an “incident” where a weapon was present.

This 16-year-old knows the right thing — take action to save lives — and the dumb thing — punish the kids who prevented a shooting. Why don’t Cypress Hill High School administrators know the difference between right and dumb?

The 15-year-old gunman was arrested and charged with possession of a firearm on school property and assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill. So they’re going easy on the kid who pulled the gun and hard on the kids who stopped him.”

There are lessons taught in this school episode and it is a question as to whether they are the right ones.

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