The inverse of death by a thousand cuts

It’s the story of The Self-Stirring Pot and Our Rising Quality of Life at Via Media. The invention of a Japanese dentist is the stimulus for noting tha many small steps can make a big difference that often goes un-remarked.

“Besides the big innovations that change the world dramatically, a steady tide of new gadgets continues to reshape daily life in small ways.

Over time these little changes add up—30 years ago Americans had no Internet, ATMs, laptops, or DVDs. The conventional income comparisons between generations miss this. The richest man in the world couldn’t have bought a smartphone in 1983; today even people of very modest incomes can afford one. Our quality of life has improved much more than income levels suggest.”

Waxing nostalgic about the waning of modern whatever is a favorite hobby for many but not necessarily well in touch with reality.

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