Where does socialism come from? Look at this example

“It’s bad enough that we’re on the verge of losing all of the consumer protections that keep the price of basic voice service reasonable and ensure the most vulnerable stay connected. But by putting the last nail in the coffin of the public telecommunications network, AT&T’s plan poses an even greater threat to the future of American innovation and internet freedom.

This is because the internet itself would not exist if it were not for a delicate balance of public policies that made sure the public telecommunications network was an open platform: Anyone could use it as a building block for innovation.”

Derek Turner describes How AT&T Is Planning to Rob Americans of an Open Public Telco Network and you have to think about what he says very carefully to get to reality through the bias.

The issue is an effort by telephone companies to ditch the old circuit switched networks in favor of packet switched networks like the Internet uses. This is not a matter of ‘robbing Americans’ but rather of trying to catch up with cell phones and Internet voice communications (e.g. VOIP). There is the assertion about the markets with several clues about the bias.

“an uncompetitive broadband market. Our broadband providers enjoy the kinds of high profit margins that would make a 19th-century robber baron blush. And our ability to use these networks to communicate openly and freely is under constant assault. Meanwhile, consumers in other countries not only have better access, but they pay far less for far better services.”

High profit margins? By what measure? What about build-out capital costs and the issues of dealing with massive growth and rapid technology changes? Uncompetitive? With the cell phone companies and the cable companies competing for broadband market share and the growing presence of free wifi not to mention the esoteric broadband solutions like satellite and fiber one wonders just what is meant by “uncompetitive.” Just because you don’t like the price of a service does not mean that someone is trying to “rob” you in an uncompetitive market.

The price of basic local and long distance voice service is now essentially free. That isn’t reasonable? Not to a socialist, it seems.

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