About that problem in Washington D.C.

Hinderaker provides the closing statement of Senator Jeff Sessions – Plutocrat Jack Lew Is Confirmed, But Sessions Embarrasses Democrats – that explains a lot about that problem in Washington D.C. right now.

“What was notable about the vote was not so much the outcome as the challenge that Senator Jeff Sessions threw down before his Democratic colleagues–try to defend Jack Lew, and if you can’t defend him, don’t vote for him. One thing is for certain: the Democrats had zero interest in trying to defend Lew’s record. They spoke for a total of 17 minutes on his behalf, while Sessions spoke for 2 1/2 hours, in several installments through the day.

Sessions’ closing statement was an eloquent indictment not only of the plutocrat Lew, but of the Obama administration and the Democratic Party. It is quoted here in its entirety”

There are some who are trying to get the word out. The Lew vote indicates that not many are hearing anything.

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