Nanny state ideas

A bill presented to the in Washington state legislature is getting some attention. This is likely because it so well illustrates the nanny state approach to society with the idea that government employees are somehow special and better than the citizens. See the story Sheriffs can inspect homes for safe gun storage in Washington state under Democratic weapon bill.

“A new bill working through Washington state’s legislature would allow local sheriffs to enter homes of gun owners to ensure their weapons are properly stored.

The bill, pushed by Democrats, allows police to search where and how assault weapons are stored — as well as how safely they are stored, according to its text, listed in the state’s online legislative directory as SB 5737-2013-14.

The definition of a “safely and securely” stored weapon is left largely to law enforcement to decide.”

What with the ‘law enforcement’ killing so many innocents in the recent LA manhunt, the problems of prosecutorial indiscretion, the arrests for public video recording, the problems that resulted in ‘must issue’ laws for concealed carry licenses, and so forth, one has to wonder about just what is driving this sort of idea sufficiently to craft a bill and put it up for legislative vote.

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