Reason to think positive: Food, Fuel, Innovation

“That American breakthroughs in fracking, horizontal drilling, improved agricultural protocols and technologies, mobile communications, social networking, and online commerce have developed without fanfare and largely without government aid should remind us that the sources of our continual renaissance lie more outside than inside Washington.”

Professor Hanson describes America’s Bright Future in terms of things many do not see. Food and fuel have both shown significant productivity increases due to technology and innovation.

“Bouts of collective pessimism are common in America, and the current episode of collective depression is understandable given our mounting debt and unsustainable entitlements. But we should remember one thing. In the past, when we feared seemingly great rising powers—from the dynamic Germany of the 1930s, to the Soviet juggernaut of the 1950s that put a man into space, to the supposedly unstoppable Japan, Inc. paradigm of the 1980s, to the much admired post-national European Union collective of the 1990s— all such rivals eventually imploded or sputtered. America, meanwhile, recouped and regained its preeminence in peace and war.

Why such resilience? Largely because of our far greater reliance on free markets, transparent meritocracy, rewards for individual initiative and success, comparatively smaller government, and constitutionally-protected liberties.”

There are a lot of FUD mongerers and they are in your face all the time. The positive side of things just doesn’t seem to be news and a lot of it is incremental like compound interest. Unless you look, you may not see it. Compare now to just a few years ago and focus on what has improved. Balance that with what hasn’t.

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