A Marine Corps officer wonders who is pushing the agenda

“The Marine Corps passed to congress and higher that it would not be a good idea ton implement women into the infantry. What does the Marine Corps know? They only have been fighting our nations wars, that’s all. Well, to already cluster strike an idea that apparently everyone in the room already knows the results except those in DC, a female Marine gives her two cents. But hey, it’s only another Marine telling everyone, it’s a bad idea. Let’s do it anyway!!! Brilliant. “

Maj Pain at BlackFive says Get Over It! We Are Not All Created Equal quoting Capt Katie Petronio, “a company grade 1302 combat engineer officer with 5 years of active service and two combat deployments, one to Iraq and the other to Afghanistan.”

“Who is driving this agenda? I am not personally hearing female Marines, enlisted or officer, pounding on the doors of Congress claiming that their inability to serve in the infantry violates their right to equality. Shockingly, this isn’t even a congressional agenda. … it’s very surprising to see that none of the committee members are on active duty or have any recent combat or relevant operational experience relating to the issue they are attempting to change. I say this because, at the end of the day, it’s the active duty servicemember who will ultimately deal with the results of their initiatives, not those on the outside looking in.”

The captain has ‘been there, done that’ and has first hand experience with the result. Her story is worth careful consideration.

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