It ain’t them. It’s us. — dissonance by David

“Frankly, I don’t know whether the majority of Americans have fundamentally changed, whether ignorance, apathy and/or a sense of helplessness have seized too many right-thinking Americans, whether the Saul Alinsky-fed Democrats are just superior at propaganda or whether the Republican political class, out of frustration or lack of conviction, has given up.”

What is the source of this bit of dissonance? A list is presented and the stimulus was a story about a sports star. David Limbaugh offers Half-Plaudits to Mickelson.

“The sports media, which are every bit as shamelessly liberal as their counterparts in the political media, savaged Mickelson for daring to complain about paying his “fair share.” After they shamed him, Mickelson apologized — regrettably — saying he should have kept his thoughts to himself.”

“Should we applaud a culture that lacks the moral courage to discourage envy and covetousness and instead champions them? This is liberalism, folks. This is the left’s ideal America.”

There are many who are trying to figure out why “what’s it matter” is sitting on top of gravestones, irrational debate has taken over politics, and the Senate majority leader is “disengaging” while the Republicans “cave” – at least according to headlines.

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