What is modern combat really like?

Trying to make women and men equal in all ways is one of those high sounding nifty ideas that recently came to the fore in the idea of allowing women to serve in combat roles in the military. It is also a ‘nifty idea’ that has problems with reality. Scott Johnson quotes and Iraqi marine to label that idea An act of wanton destruction.

“It seems to me an act of wanton destruction — David French calls it “Demilitarizing the military” — of a piece with Obama’s touch elsewhere. I commend to your attention Ryan Smith’s Wall Street Journal column “The reality that awaits women in combat.” Smith himself is a combat veteran with poignant memories of his service in Iraq. Available via Google News, the column may be inaccessible behind the Journal’s paywall. Smith writes:”

You can read a memoir such as Love Company: L Company, 399th Infantry Regiment, of the 100th Infantry Division during World War II and Beyond and you’ll find that the grunt on the front line in the European theater in World War II has a lot of experience that can be shared with one in Iraq in the 2000’s. That experience is considerably different from that envisioned by the ‘equality of sexes’ dreamers.

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