Vietnam fantasies: Stone vs reality

“to a leftist there can never be an honest disagreement with a leftist policy: it must always come because someone is paid to oppose the Left. Again, we have no mention of the infiltration of campuses by active Soviet sympathizers and devout Communists, which continues to the present.”

Another propaganda film, one that is supposedly a documentary, has its deceit exposed.

“Vietnam did leave a lasting scar, one that was not fully healed until American forces effortlessly kicked Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait. The nation was divided, but this was in no small measure due to the fact that many passionately understood that America’s cause against Communism was righteous and necessary. Nixon’s narrow election in 1968, for instance, was only “narrow” because George Wallace, even more committed to defeating the North Vietnamese, siphoned off millions of votes from Nixon. Stone’s series is only “untold” because few have had the temerity to portray Soviet propaganda on cable TV as historical fact. If we are lucky, it will continue to be “untold.””

Larry Schweikart provides A History Lesson for Oliver Stone on Vietnam – real history, not the made-up stuff that is mostly just leftist anti-U.S. fantasy. It is one of a series at on the efforts to re-write history so as to make it fit in what some want it to be rather than what it really is.

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