Something about guns drives certain people totally nuts

“There’s a huge PR opportunity here. Painting the Second Amendment as a defense of racism & slavery is a nice way to rebrand NRA types — both the organization itself and its most virulent supporters.”

Daniel Wattenberg says that the Roots of Glover’s 2nd Amendment interpretation lie in eccentric historical claims of 9/11 truther. The idea that the 2nd amendment roots were in oppression rather than freedom came from a “left-wing website proudly specializing in provocation.”

But, to ‘never let a crisis go to waste’, the war for control over civil liberties takes advantage of every opportunity and ignores constraints of reality and integrity. As in the past election, any tool that can be found to paint the opposition is considered fair game no matter how much it must be distorted and twisted.

Perhaps, just perhaps, more people will take a look at the paint job and begin to see just how sloppy and dishonest it is. Then they can realize it is the painter and not the subject that needs a closer examination.

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