The dream of a defenseless citizenry

Something must be done! History and experience do not matter. Do something! anything!

The problem with unreasoned and ignorant ‘do something’ efforts is that the often run into unintended consequences. The idea to limit magazine size is one such idea.

“The rationale for such limits is that mass murderers need “large-capacity” magazines, while law-abiding citizens don’t. Both premises are questionable, and so is the notion that politicians should be the arbiters of necessity under the Second Amendment.”

Jacob Sullum describes The Threat Posed by Gun Magazine Limits and why Bans on “large capacity ammunition feeding devices” could endanger victims instead of saving them.

“the Court said, the Second Amendment guarantees the right to own weapons “in common use for lawful purposes,” which clearly include guns capable of firing more than 10 rounds”

Why is the right to bear arms in the constitution? It isn’t hunting. Oleg Atbashian provides a clue in Pravda, Guns, and America

In regards to the effectiveness of the ‘do something’ ethos, see Jeffrey Scott Shapiro: A Gun Ban That Misfired. What I saw as a prosecutor in Washington, D.C., makes me wary of strict firearms laws.

The idea of restricting individual rights is one thing. The fanatacism behind efforts to do so is something to behold (and something that should cause concern).

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