ad hominem

If anything disqualifies much of the discontent that is so prominently displayed by the MSM, it is the ad hominem nature of their unity. Byron York notes this Inside the Antiwar Demo.

Indeed, if anything, the weekend showed that the antiwar movement remains constitutionally unable to focus its protests sharply — and exclusively — on the war, and not personally on the president or on all the sideshow causes. There seems little question that the aggressive anti-Bushism, along with the side causes — which were often not on the side at all, but center-stage — diminish the credibility of the antiwar movement and alienate moderate Americans who might have serious misgivings about the war but would never align themselves with the likes of International ANSWER. Yet the protests continue.

David Limbaugh notes this same phenomena

Gen. Honore’s metaphor perfectly fits the behavior of Democratic politicians in Washington and caterwauling liberal loons since 2000 — that’s right, the entire millennium, so far. In their singular obsession with George W. Bush — “hatred” is probably more accurate — they have been “stuck on stupid.”

And, don’t forget Krauthammer’s Bush Derangement Syndrome. This has gone to the Demoncrat’s Bull Conner extremity. Next up: judicial fillibustering, again?

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