The distorting lense

LTC Tim Ryan describes how the Media Coverage Distorts Iraq Reality from his personal experience.

The key to the enemy’s success is use of his limited assets to gain the greatest influence over the masses. The media serves as the glass through which a relatively small event can be magnified to international proportions, and the enemy is exploiting this with incredible ease.

Ironically, the press freedom that we have brought to this part of the world is providing support for the enemy we fight. I obviously think it’s a disgrace when many on whom the world relies for news paint such an incomplete picture of what actually has happened. Much too much is ignored or omitted. I am confident that history will prove our cause right in this war, but by the time that happens, the world might be so steeped in the gloom of ignorance we won’t recognize victory when we achieve it.

The distortions of the whole picture in Iraq is a stew that has been simmering for some time. Similar distortions in the reporting of the Katrina event have further illustrated just how false and misleading major media reports can be. These distortions, or even outright falsehoods such as Dan Rather’s memos, are being exposed and discussed. This may be why newspapers such as the New York Times are suffering significant staff reductions and other budgetary conservation measures. People may indeed be turning to sources of information that provide a more accurate picture of the whole truth and not just a soda straw view of a selected truth.

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