How’s that again?

“Washington’s ideological blinders too often prevent anything approaching a rational discussion of issues. The battle lines are drawn and most everybody assumes without thinking that any suggestion emanating from “enemy” lines must be dangerous, wrong or even crazy.”

David Keene points out that Armed security is common sense but notes a comparison and contrast.

“In response to Columbine, then-President Bill Clinton and a Democratic Congress enacted a program called Cops in Schools. Today, 23,000 public and private U.S. schools provide armed security for our children. Yet when National Rifle Association (NRA) Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre suggested that armed security officers in our nation’s schools would help prevent the next Newtown, he was greeted immediately and unthinkingly with derision and hostility.”

It certainly does not seem that things like consistency and integrity are much on the minds of some folks. Perhaps they really don’t know what it is that irks them?

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