When it stimulates introspection: a standard for crisis reaction

“I’ll know when we’ve learned. When a mass shooting becomes a moment of real trepidation in the entertainment industry and the media, as they brace for the full-throated attack on the river of poison they pump into the culture. As they brace for the endless exhortations and sermons to people to get rid of their TVs, which end up having a visible affect on viewership. As they mobilize to fight the bills headed to the legislative floor, forcing cable and entertainment operators to offer per-channel subscriptions at comparable pro-rata costs to their package deals. As they wait for cries and organized efforts to change the ratings system for films, so that repeated killings that don’t involve depictions of war get mandatory NC-17 ratings, or worse. As they’re forced to listen for an outcry that forces them to cover the cruel treatment of our mentally ill and their families, because “I am Adam Lanza’s Mother” becomes a mainstream rallying cry and accusation in defense of our fellow citizens. Etcetera, etcetera.”

Joe Katzman provides a banquet for thought discussing The Art of the Left Hook: Guns, Humanity, and Politics.

In turn, it is the human factor, policy, and politics that are in his cross hairs. What has changed?

What he overlooks is what has not changed in considering why it has been ‘released’ to much tragedy. Consider how Russia is celebrating Stalin’s birthday right now and think of the Biblical advise on idols. But, yes, Joe does start with religion.

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