Fact checking or propaganda? Defining reality by forcing it into desired fantasies.

“The problem is that some of the judgments being applied here are dead wrong, others verging on silly. What they all have in common is an appalling lack of understanding of the true character of political debate.”

Homnick takes a look at PolitiFact‘s ten finalists for Lie of the Year and suggests there are more pants than fire.

“Some of the other lies they cite fall into the category of truly scurrilous distortion. In that respect, fact-checking could play a worthy role. But by clucking their tongues over every hyperbolic or overly dramatic presentation (such as their earlier conniption fit over Sarah Palin calling a committee determining what treatments will be paid for a “death panel”), they are not bringing greater honesty to politics, merely greater banality and timidity.”

The lesson is that anyone claiming to be fact checking needs to have his claims rigorously examined.

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