But justice or fairness always beat utility

“Republicans won’t begin to turn the tax debate around until they begin to develop the argument that it isn’t fair to place the burden of paying for the government on just a portion of the population. What exactly is fair about taking half of someone’s income to pay for out of control government? In other words, at some point Republicans need to develop an argument that challenges the idea of tax progressivity itself. That will be the ground of moving to a flat tax through fundamental tax reform.”

Steven Hayward offers his take on Why Are Republicans Losing the Tax Debate?. It’s the old feelin’ vs reason thing that Limbaugh keeps noting.

“When you see the data, several things become clear. First, the liberal “tax the rich even more” theme represents a purely punitive expression of envy”

See the charts Hayes provides from IRS data. The issue is about all of those who won’t look, won’t see, or even actively deny and certainly won’t discuss. It is very difficult to get past a buried envy.

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