Demagoguery exposed: tax cuts edition

“the debate heats up once again as part of the “fiscal cliff” negotiations, it’s worth taking the time to highlight some of the things most people never knew about the Bush-era tax cuts.”

John Merline exposes 5 Dirty Little Secrets About the Bush Tax Cuts, one of those ‘Bush’ things that have played a large part of the ‘blame Bush for everything’ demagoguery that has been popular over the last few years.

With the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts, the rich did end up paying more, federal revenue increased, and the income gap decreased. Getting a handle on such a reality, though, takes work both in collecting data and in intellectual understanding of nuance. It is much easier to see tax as a zero sum game and drink the kool-aid of excess simplification and statistical obfuscation.

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