Growth of a myth: Ecology version

“Fracking’s move into pop culture goes beyond the silver screen, and some of music’s most legendary acts are also tackling the topic. The Rolling Stones’ new tune “Doom and Gloom,” released as part of the band’s 50th anniversary collection, includes direct references to fracking and cryptically ties the process to water pollution.”

New techniques for gas and oil well productivity are providing a case study in fear driven ideology establishing modern myths that damage and destroy. It is one Republicans should study to better understand techniques used against their candidates. It is the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) thing all over again. It was also there in the 60’s movement and the subject of many songs.

Fears over fracking spilling into popular culture describes it as a “controversial drilling technique.” Other sources have asserted that it is new technology. The claim is that it pollutes the ground water used for drinking. Fracking is controversial only in that some folks have taken it up as a means to act out and pretend they are trying to save humanity. It has long roots in its development and there is no evidence that it has adverse impact on drinking water supplies. In these sorts of ‘controversies’, though, facts and reality don’t seem to matter. Fear and ignorance are the driving factors.

“There’s certainly an uptick in Hollywood’s involvement in energy issues. Part of the reason is, [critics’] arguments don’t stand up scientifically,” Mr. Eshelman said. “They can’t win this argument based on facts and science, so they have to turn to a community that is going to listen to them. They find that with the Hollywood crowd and the entertainment community.”

Perhaps Mark Steyn had it right when he suggested that funds normally oriented at campaigns be redirected towards making blockbuster movies to contrast with the ‘feel good’ anti-human, anti-business, and anti-technology propaganda films that are produced to promote causes that fly in the face of reality.

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