Foundation of an epithet: does it matter? did it ever?

“Now, the cynical motivations behind this relentless drone of slander and stupidity are too numerous to count. Such moral bullying makes white liberals feel better about themselves. It scares moderates and centrists away from the Republican party, and it no doubt helps dissuade wavering blacks from even thinking about giving the GOP an honest look. Obviously, it helps boost black-voter intensity on Election Day. It also does wonders to stifle journalists terrified of having their racial bona fides questioned in any way. And it helps a feckless left-wing black political class explain away its own failures. Racial slander is like duct tape: There’s no limit to what you can do with it.”

Jonah Goldberg describes The GOP and Racism, Yet Again. It goes to the idea that a lie repeated often enough becomes a truth – if the listeners allow it. The sad reality is that the listeners, the voters, do indeed seem to be on board. Since it is a positive feedback loop, one has to wonder just how loud the squeal has to get before the listeners cover their ears to avoid the pain.

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