Economic forces. Loathing. Targeting

Dr. Whelan clearly expressed, the nobility of medicine does not immunize it from the effects of economic forces, and indeed medicinal innovations occur far more rapidly when medicine is under the influence of economic forces. [LGK]

Attending a book party and trying to engage in polite conversation became an example for the president of the American Council on Science and Health.

Out of the blue, Joe made a passionate statement: “I despise pharmaceutical companies.” … “That is fascinating,” I responded. “I actually greatly admire pharmaceutical companies.”[Pharma and Loathing in New York City by Elizabeth M. Whelan, Sc.D., M.P.H. ]

You see, these corporate giants are greedy and don’t care about people. They kill people by not providing the product of their research for free. They have the gall to make a profit they can re-invest into research to find even more miracle drugs that they then won’t give away causing people to suffer and die. Those awful, greedy, uncaring pharmaceutical companies!

A similar ethic was recently seen in the accusations of gouging in regard to gasoline prices or necessary supplies in the regions devastated by the hurricane. How dare those uncaring greedy inhuman corporations and businessmen use pricing to help determine who gets their product or service? They should provide those products and services for free to anyone who asks and should never run out or have any shortage.

This may be the same ethic behind the looting in New Orleans or the Palestinian looting of greenhouses that destroyed significant effort and investment in the future health and vitality of those people.

Judge Roberts was grilled on the idea of privacy rights in the U.S. Constitution. One of the rights is to the idea that ‘what I own you don’t and you can’t take it away from me.’ In the economic realm this is the idea of patents and copyright. A key ingredient in the wealth of the United States is that property, whether real or intellectual, is not taken from people. Instead, their ownership is protected and they are encouraged to develop what they have to build better for themselves and better for society.

Karl Marx wrote about the appeal of the nobility and purity of communism and socialism – to each according to his need and from each according to what he can provide. The 20th century is a monument to the failures of these ideals. Instead, we are seeing again and again that it is the greedy. corporate, inhuman capitalism that generates the wealth and the knowhow that has the promise to provide to each according to his need. It is the wealth that allows for the health care of the most needy, the ability to protect the environment, and the ability to provide comfort and safety for everyone.

New Orleans after the hurricane also provides a good case study of what happens when there is excessive dependance upon others. When the needy become greedy; when they expect to be recipients of largess. This is where crime ran rampant; where the trash pile up everywhere; where waste was not managed; where people were shoved aside in the mob.

It was where people were encouraged to take initiative that civil order was restored. But those didn’t attract the MSM so you don’t see much of it. Just as you don’t see much of what Dr. Whelan described as to the benefit of those despised pharmaceutical companies. The loathing and hatred was ignorant. That is not a good basis for rationale social decision making.

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