It’s the intangibles, stupid!

“the central effort — “fiscal responsibility” — is both intangible and harsh, not exactly a winning combination. Republicans need to discover what Americans really want — those small, digestible, attainable things. That would be a good start on the long road to political recovery.”

Jeffrey Birnbaum thinks that Republicans lost by running on intangible issues (Deficits and the economy are too abstract). This is something Romney knew as illustrated by his 47% remark and his conclusion about gifts being the reason for his loss. Both observations were also used to impugn him, but that effort only serves to illustrate how an intangible can be used to good effect by separating ‘them’ from ‘us’. The intangibles are why some think the Republicans need a charismatic leader or someone who can connect distant implications and consequences to far away from the person concepts with force.

Much like in Animal House, the consequences of one’s actions are too much trouble to think about. The problem, as many countries have found out, is that a country is not like a movie and the consequences and implications cannot be ended with a fairy tale.

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