My People – Our People

Michelle Malkin asks Who are my people? in noting a collection of celebrities talking about “my people.”

It’s not just minority celebrities and leaders using it. Here’s a column from a black columnist who received a nasty message from a reader referring to “your people.”

And just in from the AP: Communities Help Their Own After Katrina

I don’t know about you, but when we donate to Katrina victims and say prayers for them in our home, every one of them is “our people.”

The idea that MSM reporting has been like looking through a straw is getting some attention. The focus on the Superdome, a refuge of last resort that happened to be populated almost entirely by “my people” was a source of many stories and images. The plight of the citizens of Mississippi or event the parishes surrounding New Orleans was nearly ignored. Apparently they weren’t “my people.”

The meme that President Bush was out to kill, maim and murder “my people” has surfaced with other vile racism. As seems typical of such racism in the modern era, this is almost entirely from the racial group that is claiming victimhood – “my people.”

The contrast Michelle makes is with those who talk about “our people.” This is a contrast with narcissism of “my.” “My” is exclusive and “our” is inclusive.

The United States is based on an “our people” mentality and morality. It is being attacked from the inside by a “my people” ethos. Those who want to set themselves apart by such things as the color of their skin, for whatever reason, must be made visible for the destructive force they really are. How to respectfully treat such people is a major delimma in the respect for divergence in opinion and view that must be trimmed to the need to work and live together as “our people.”

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