A free pass? Katrina vs Sandy

“After Katrina, President George W. Bush was lambasted for FEMA’s response to the storm. Those aware of the situation in Far Rockaway and other hard-hit areas of New York know that the situation isn’t much different than New Orleans post-Katrina.”

Some are asking: Why Isn’t Sandy Obama’s Katrina? « Commentary Magazine

No helicopters rescuing people from the floods; FEMA sold off its trailers (but may have to buy new ones) for temporary housing; Bush was excoriated but now very little attention is paid to the death and destruction and poor government response.

“With the media’s silence and the public’s amnesia over the impact of the hurricane, President Obama has once again received a free pass on yet another issue of national importance. The media’s outcry over the devastation after Katrina led to a massive influx of aid in the form of governmental agency involvement, subsidies, and private charitable organizations’ assistance. Without that outcry, the victims of Sandy should be wondering what kind of attention they would be receiving if the president’s party began with an R, not a D. “

Free pass, indeed.

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