It’s the distance: urban life

“They have forgotten that mankind’s natural state is poverty and that strenuous, heroic efforts are required to produce the astounding affluence and abundant paraphernalia of our modern, affluent lifestyles. To use Marxian terminology, urbanites have become alienated from economic reality.”

Mark Hendrickson asks: “What Explains The Partisan Divide Between Urban And Non-Urban Areas”. He notes that “If presidents were elected by acreage rather than by head count, Republicans would win national elections by landslides.” His suggestion is that voting patterns of urban vs rural reflect something towards the ideas in Logan’s Run. Inside, it all seems to be an idyllic society. Outside, reality is different. Today’s urban life isn’t so separated but the idea is that urbanites vote the way they do because of their distance from the nitty gritty world of manufacturing and farming and direct contact with nature every day. There is a security blanket that protects one from massive social debt. When that security blanket wears thin … well, there is the Greece to consider for what can happen. Will California, Illinois, and New York follow?

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