All’s well, just need more time?

Ed puts up the charts as the base for a New Obama ad: Dude, I found my second-term agenda!.

“The one thing they [Obama administration] didn’t have is a reason for anyone to vote for Barack Obama — a second-term agenda.  Mark Halperin became the loudest voice in the media to point this out after the second debate came and went without it, and even some Democrats began to wonder whether Obama himself knew what he wanted to do with a second term.  Hours after the third debate passed without an agenda, guess what Team Obama discovered?

You will see ads that claim that all is well and things are improving and the administration’s efforts in the first term have been successful. Rick Klein says “President Obama came into the debate with a record to boast of” [Mitt Romney Keeps Command Amid Attacks – and Looks to Future]. Yet on foreign policy, there is the Benghazi situation, Obama: The Dictator’s Choice For U.S. President or the apology tour idea – that last gets the fact checkers in a tizzy but Drudge had a collection of pictures of the bowing to other country leaders and another group has put together a set of clips of the apologies.

The charts that Ed uses to answer the question about whether or not real progress has been made include change in US Employment during recessions that show the current situation is way behind other such events, the declining labor force participation, and the budget deficit by year since 2000. These charts show a laggard economy where a smaller portion of the population is engaged in productive labor and a government accumulating debt at an unprecedented rate. What is odd is that those phenomena don’t seem to worry a whole lot of folks, some of whome go so far as to deny their existence.

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