Alarmism only, jail for citing the odds

“The judge ignored a petition signed by 5,000 scientists that demanded the witch hunt to be stopped. The media are silent. When genuine scientists *really* want to protect human lives by offering their expertise as weapons against pseudoscientific misconceptions, they are no longer heroes among the journalists. The dirty journalists only celebrate crackpots who actually spread hysteria that helps to sell the newspapers, for example the global warming crackpots.”

Luboš Motl notes the verdict in the Italy earthquake witch trial: 6 years in prison.

“What these people did was totally fine: they shared their prediction about the earthquake based on their best knowledge of seismology in which they’re among the top Italian experts. A large, magnitude 6.3 earthquake did take place and killed 309 people but it’s not these people’s fault and earthquakes can always arrive unpredictably.

It’s not possible to reliably or semi-reliably predict earthquakes and strong arguments exist that it will always be impossible.

“f someone is made responsible for deaths of casualties of a natural catastrophe that can’t be predicted according to any protocol that actually exists, it’s just nothing else than a condemnation of a witch. I often thought that the witch trials were insane and we live in a very different world than Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. But we’re not living in such a different world. We are still controlled by evil loons such as the Italian judge who don’t want to hear anything about the actual abilities and limitations of the current science.”

Scared yet?

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