Its possible both sides don’t have the same merit

Richard Dawkins and Jerry Coyne argue that One side can be wrong and that “Accepting ‘intelligent design’ in science classrooms would have disastrous consequences” [The Guardian 05sp01]. The discussion reveals a basic tactic often used in debate when more reputable tactics become untenable.

“When two opposite points of view are expressed with equal intensity, the truth does not necessarily lie exactly half way between. It is possible for one side simply to be wrong.”

The gap means that we lack a complete cinematic record of every step in the evolutionary process. But how incredibly presumptuous to demand a complete record, given that only a minuscule proportion of deaths result in a fossil anyway.

The seductive “let’s teach the controversy” language still conveys the false, and highly pernicious, idea that there really are two sides.

This same presumptuousness can be seen in the New Orleans finger pointing controversy.

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