Think about it: fact checking illustrated

Patterico provides one — Fact Check: Romney earns four pairs of Pinnocchio’s pants on fire. Two egregious lies were pulled from the recent debate to support this thesis.

One is Romney’s claim that he has balanced budgets all his life. BUT! “His “entire life” includes his years of infancy. Clearly, no matter how quickly he became a businessman, he could not have been balancing budgets at the age of 6 months.

The second is about how economic policies “puts us on a road to Greece.” But everyone knows there is an ocean between the U.S. and Greece so there can’t be any road between these two countries.

Satire often gets taken as serious, which is an indicator of the sad state of discussion in a heated political environment. Integrity gets tossed aside in the effort to seek support and comfort in one’s dissonance.

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