Fact checking: case study in why it is more politics than reality

“If you let me pick the time frame, I can show almost anything said by anybody to be imprecise.

As a professional engineer with 34 years of industry experience, I found Mitt Romney’s executive-level command of the relevant facts with respect to the oil and gas industry and energy policy to be impressive.

CNN, not so much. Their fact-checkers seem so intent on “exposing” Romney that they bypassed the part about understanding the issues before they cry foul.”

After the first debate of candidates for POTUS, there was an effort on one side to cry ‘foul’ on the other. The usual means was to assert that the other side lied through his teeth on just about every point. Steve Maley takes on one of these efforts by Fact Checking CNN’s Fact Checkers. He provides a good case study illustrating the techniques used in trying to play gotcha’ with ‘fact checking’ rather than trying to understand points made in a debate.

Checking facts seems like such a good idea. There are many cases regarding current issues where it is more a laboratory for illustrating bias and logical fallacy.

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