Properly identifying the problem would be a good first step

“Part of the difference may be historical. Post WWII, employers were not allowed to raise wages, so to attract better employees, they began to offer health insurance as a fringe benefit of employment. Soon unions used employer-sponsored health insurance as a bargaining chip in labor negotiations, and we all know the rest of the story. Health insurance is unique in this regard.”

“Free market and competitive solutions would help, but with the injection of the ACA as the law of the land now, I fear this will never happen, no matter who wins in November. As long as we view health insurance, rather than access to healthcare, as a right in this country, the problem will only get worse. “

A cardiologist describes why he thinks health insurance is the problem and not the solution. Compare to auto insurance, he says. Compare to medical care that is not in the insurance realm. Look at what has happened when the focus is on insurance and not on health care, where it is government decisions that rule and not personal decisions.

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