Item 8: fact check propaganda

Who was it? Ann Richards, governor of Texas, who said something about “he can’t help it”? In this case it is the media. See the previous post for the psychologists view about why.

“The first new tactic is cited in an unprecedented and badly needed letter that MRC head Brent Bozell and over 20 other conservative leaders, commentators, and media personalities sent to ABC, CBS, CNN, and NBC — the four Obama-worshipping alphabet networks — on September 25. The signers accurately accused the recipients of “rigging this election and taking sides in order to pre-determine the outcome.”

Those who dismiss the letter signers’ complaints could not be more wrong.”

Tom Blumer describes the Fraudulent ‘Fact Checks’ and Preemptive Narratives and suggests that “Today’s press would make the Soviet-era Pravda and Izvestia proud.”

The letter describes many well known propaganda tactics but number eight in the list is new. “The abuse of “fact checks” has become so rampant that it’s reasonable to believe that their creations are coordinated with Democrats in key campaigns to, well, rig the game.” Examples are provided and some of them are obstinate denials of reality.

Limbaugh this morning notes that many depend only upon the surface media for their information about events. That is why this issue is gaining pushback well beyond the nominal market forces. It scares people who do dig deeper than the surface.

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