This thing about truth and reality: Santy on Denial

“The truth is indeed vindictive–but in a horribly passionless way. Likewise, reality, the space where truth resides, has a calm persistence and patience that is unmatched by even the most desperate attempts by the human species to avoid it.

Nevertheless, human ingenuity has discovered many ways of temporarily hiding from the truth; obscuring the truth; and when necessary, lying about the truth in order to avoid reality and its consequences.”

Dr. Sanity takes on the Vindictive Truth and lists some of the more negative consequences of psychological denial. These include “continued compromises with reality” and how that is done. From that, it appears that some have gone beyond an unintentional denial to something more evil.

“The traditional definition of sociopathy is a personality disorder characterized by a lack of social responsibility and failure to adapt to ethical and social standards of the community.

If we think about that definition for a moment, we can perhaps begin to understand what is going on in our world today; and the reason that a huge number of people have embraced a sociopathic lifestyle.”

Think about what Pat Caddell is said about media bias recently!

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