Afghan woes – and a bright spot

“This is all bad news and very disturbing, but there is a crumb of comfort to be had. Because these failures happened on President Obama’s watch, the mainstream press isn’t particularly interested in relentless, non-stop scrutiny of the unpleasant news.”

W.M. Mead says Thank God W Isn’t President Anymore because we aren’t getting an onslaught of America bashing, administration lambasting, and victim sympathizing we’d see otherwise.

“As it is, however, we just get the bare bones of what’s happening in Afghanistan, with no long, rolling wallows in the failure, no painstaking, step by step analysis of just how a credulous and inexperienced president ordered the military to execute a strategy which it didn’t recommend and couldn’t make work. There will be no analysis of how someone like Vice President Biden has been wrong at every twist and turn of the wars of the last ten years — though if he were Vice President Cheney every single error he had ever made would be hurled in our faces night after night.”

Nonetheless, Mead falls into the pit himself in judgements and rose colored glasses regarding 9/11 and Iraq as well hoping that maybe the journalists will change their stripes.

In many respects it is a matter of accountability. The surface media journalists are seeing the results of their bias in a shrinking market share. The politicians in the difficulty of getting votes to win office. As with the debate about welfare and medical care and other social issues, sometimes it takes a hard encounter with reality to shake one out of a comfort zone and into a realization about what one must do.

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