Pick your villain

“I tell folks all the time – I don’t trust private actors any more than the people in government. What I trust more are their incentives and the tools I have for enforcing accountability on them.”

There is an Obama ad excoriating Romney because he wasn’t behind forcing insurance companies to cover heart rending health conditions. That presumes that the insurance companies must be subject to governmental control of a broad nature and the quality of that presumption is one of the critical ideology differences for the voter to consider. It is related to the False Assumption of Statists described at the Coyote Blog.

“People often propose a statist solution because they distrust some private actor (e.g. large corporations) and want someone with power over the top of them. However, to create such a regulatory structure, one has to give even more power to the state’s regulator than the corporation has. At least one has the choice of whether or not to deal with a private entity (unless of course it is a government-enforced monopoly, but that just takes us back to statism). We give private actors power only to the extent that we choose to transact with them. When we give government power, there is no longer this sort of opt-out.”

Pick your villain.

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