Benghazi: another scandal of not taking it seriously

“The problems in Benghazi, though, seem to lie deeper. There was a failure to connect the dots: the deterioration of the security situation in eastern Libya was marked and ongoing, and the liaison office in Benghazi was exactly the kind of soft, prominent target that would draw the wrong kind of attention. And while all the facts aren’t in, one gets a persistent sense that the bad guys knew entirely too much about what was going on there.”

Mead says the press is digging now: WAPO Attacks: Benghazigate?. Four American officials dead, an administration having trouble getting its story in sync with reality, and something to be learned about the terrorism wars.

The previous administration was lambasted for its ‘with us or against us’ stance and efforts to put security of American interests as a high priority. What is being demonstrated now is the consequence of not taking that security seriously.

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