Trolls and anonymous vitriol

“You get a thick skin when messing around on the Internet and that can go either way. You can react, like a nerve burned raw, or you can become a troll. This is a story of both.”

It is The Story Of An Internet Troll With A Surprising Twist. A recent study came out with the conclusion that vitriol in communications was reduced when there was eye contact. The I’net provides a communications media that separates the human from the message and that can spell trouble.

“Trolling is easy. Anonymous – or even non-anonymous – vitriol on the Internet is the simplest, most primitive method of communication known and it is also the most useless. It is, in short, garbage.

Many of us, myself included, dash off angry comments and other bullshit in forums and social media. But why? Must we really release our impotent rage? Must we be like an old racist at an empty kitchen table, alone and unwanted, disintegrating into a soup of hatred. Are we infants?”

Are we infants?” — Special powers require special responsibilities. SciFi has many themes based around the balance between technological prowess and social and individual responsibilities. Just where is that ‘slippery slope’ and just where should the balance be between social mores expressed in laws and regulations and individual expressions of responsibility and integrity?

In the case with a twist, the victim found the perpetrator and used personal confrontation as a means to resolve issues. That will work but only if the person does not stand alone. Too often in social media, the victim is allowed to stand alone and the same can be said in other realms as well. It is the bystander problem. What should you do?

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