There is a difference, but only if degree and kind matter

It’s an ad hominem, at least on the surface: How Crazy Are the Democrats?. It seems to be in the same ballpark as those assertions about Republicans being EVIL. In this case, though, the allegation does not evaporate into vague generalities that dissipate in a cloud but rather digs down to specific circumstances.

“These people aren’t just a little slow, or far too liberal. They are, frankly, crazy. It is often said that there are nutty people in both political parties, and that no doubt is true. But the assumed equivalence is false. We are talking here about senior Democratic Party officials and delegates to the Democratic National Convention. There is no analogous craziness at the same level on the Republican side. Democrats frequently describe Republican office-holders and candidates as “crazy,” but that simply means that they aren’t Democrats. In the Democratic Party, we see the real thing.”

Perhaps telling is how people respond to such allegations and what you can discuss with whom. One side goes into a frenzy of hate and bigotry (e.g. “it’s all lies” with anger and venom) while the other will sit down and explore ideas. One side appears to be a loss as to how to respond to a ‘when did you stop beating your wife’ type allegation while the other will go on offense whose relevancy is often questionable.

Compare and contrast. There is a difference.

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