Checklist: that empty chair?

Milton Wolf things that it is What won’t be said [that] will speak volumes.

“America’s critical hour is upon us, and it demands leaders courageous enough finally to address our largest threats. The Democrats’ convention is an endless parade of promises of free birth control and health care for 26-year-old “kids.” There is no shortage of references to boogeymen like former President George W. Bush and embattled Missouri Senate candidate W. Todd Akin.

But here’s what you won’t hear from the Democrats:”

and a ‘checklist’ follows. Of course, these things are noted by Democrats. They call them lies. Increasing the debt more in three years than in the previous eight, the unemployment picture, the tax increases, food stamp rolls, downgraded financial status, examples of crony capitalism, scandals, failed stimulus, Medicare budgets, budgets being passed for the government in general, abortions, and more. All lies. With emphasis. And invective.

The vote to put God back in the Democratic Party platform did pass. It appears that there wasn’t a clear vote so it, and the Israel support, were passed by creative interpretation of the vote of the delegates. That resulted in a number of angry delegates who were rather vocal in their outrage. Voter rights is another one of those issues that needs to be on the checklist.

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