The latest fad – fact checking – like the old fad – lacking integrity

From the response, it appears that Paul Ryan hit a few nerves in his convention speech. The surface media is full of headlines about fact checking finding falsehoods. Ed explains the problem: Fact-checking the factcheckers on Ryan’s speech

“Clearly, the job of “fact checker” in the mainstream media must not involve research skills. Nor does it take much in comprehension, because these supposed fact checks started with a misrepresentation of what Ryan actually said. “

Ann Coulter provides another example in asserting that Yes, Romney’s Welfare Ad Is Accurate. “It is striking that everyone who actually knows something about the 1996 welfare reform law says that Romney’s ad is accurate.” Yet there are ‘fact checkers’ who insist otherwise.

The key item to note, to compare and contrast, in both Ed’s and Ann’s columns compared to the allegations of those such as Reich and the so called fact checkers is that they get down to sources. What was actually said and upon what is it based? When they take on the ‘fact checkers’ they show you who said what so you can see for yourself what the reality really is. That is a contrast to the use of logical fallacies, misquoting, or other distortion often found in trying to dismiss someone as untruthful.

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