Understanding the Iraq governance problem.

Recently, the MSM was full of ‘Iraq Constitution will Fail’ banners because the minority that used to have control does not like loosing its position.

There are three main groups trying to figure out how they are going to be a country. The Sunni in and around Baghdad are about 20% of the population and have close ties to a lot of the Arab world. They used to be in control of things. The Kurds to the north and the Shia everywhere else have the majority of the population and are particularly represented in the Iraq oil regions. All of these groups have tribal and familial connections that span modern borders and these complicate matters.

So the Sunni don’t have the vote, boycotted the last election, and don’t have the oil. But they do have memories of what it was like in the old days when they didn’t need a vote and could just take the oil money.

The Kurds have been somewhat autonomous since the no fly zone was installed after the first Gulf war. They don’t want to give this up.

Change is tough. Civil responsibility will be needed. Let us hope a good solution is found.

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