Some folks just can’t stand success: Armstrong witch hunt

“But the one thing Armstong’s perseverance couldn’t defeat was an out-of-control quasi-governmental agency with government funding and a single-minded vendetta against him.”

The news is about how the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency is crowing because a famous competitive cylcist decided to cease participating as the target of their witch hunt. They presume guilt much as Senator Reid and others presume Romney guilty because he won’t answer baseless allegations. John Hayward has a good summary of the situation in Lance Armstrong: Guilty, even when proven innocent.

The idea that “you didn’t build that” when applied to sports often centers on an unfair advantage via chemical means – doping. The folks who just can’t accept the idea of success as a result of honest effort express that failure in a persistence of prosecution that is amazing as well as dishonest.

“The U.S. Attorney’s Office in L.A. investigated Armstrong for two years, without filing any charges, but that didn’t matter to the USADA. Armstrong noted that some of the charges leveled against him by the anti-doping agency far exceeded their 8-year statute of limitations. He also pointed out in his statement on Thursday that various international cycling organizations declared the USADA’s proceedings improper, questioned their authority to conduct the investigation, called upon them to cease and desist, and advised other athletes to refrain from cooperating in the Armstrong persecution.”

There is also the correlation to note: allegation without substance and often in abuse of the facts, assumption of guilt, improper prosecution, and a persistence that would be admirable if directed towards something profitable and meaningful. Mr. Zimmerman in Florida can sympathize.

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