Evading the reality

Orin Kerr noted a supposedly humorous column My Side Versus the Other Side, Election Edition that works very hard to make fun from the ‘both sides are the same’ philosophy. You’d think a law professor would understand the responsibility involved in making appropriate and necessary distinctions between parties in any disagreement. There is also the matter about people laughing off those things that don’t fit their world view, which the column appears to do.

Another example is about how Our Billionaires Are More Virtuous Than Your Billionaires! This one is an attempt to rationalize the campaign fund raising patterns. Hinderaker does a comparison and contrast to the previous election to illustrate just how absurd the Jany Mayer rationalization is.

“You could write the article yourself: rich people are contributing to the Romney campaign; the Democrats’ billionaires aren’t coming through; Citizens United; blah blah blah; left-wing billionaires need to get patriotic and pony up. Of course, when Obama smashed all fundraising records in 2008 and outspent John McCain by five to one or more during the height of the campaign, neither Mayer nor any other liberal complained. Mayer never considers the possibility that Obama’s fundraising problems result from his poor performance in office: enthusiasm for him is down all over, and rich people, not being stupid, have noticed that he is a lousy president.

Mayer, no believer in Occam’s Razor, hypothesizes that the problem is that rich Republican donors are greedy, while rich Democratic donors are altruistic:”

There is an innate desire to have reality fit with fantasy. Sometimes this desire overwhelms reason. That is why a struggle for intellectual integrity is not simple nor easy. Reality will win out. The question is the cost, both in terms of personal mental health and in terms of societal health as wars and riots are often dissonance results. It is much like a tantrum in a todler who doesn’t get what he wants. One can only hope they will grow up and learn to better fit their wants with reality.

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