What’s really mudslinging?

“Public figures’ records are fair game in political campaigns. It’s not “mudslinging” unless it’s untrue or employs “derogatory personal slurs,” according to the Living Webster Dictionary.

If you lie or distort the facts so badly that they function as a lie, you’re mudslinging. The current “Joe Soptic” TV ad by Obama supporters claiming that Mitt Romney caused a woman’s cancer death fits that description.”

KNIGHT: Slinging mud from the Soptic tank

The problem can be seen in the fact that there are many whose reality is that their political opponents do actually kill people and harm children, intentionally and with malice. The facts, such as Knight lists with regard to the Soptic cancer ad, make little impression while matters of logical fallacies seem to rule in perceptions of ads such as the one about the overturning of work for welfare. There is an integrity problem of the ‘both sides do it’ sort.

“Everyone who loves liberty needs to get involved in the most consequential election in our lifetime. As Johnson’s propagandist intoned, “The stakes are too high for you to stay home.””

The difficulty here is that those who are most in denial are those with the most significant emotional investment. For them, the stakes are very high and they will go to nearly any extreme to maintain their denial of reality. That can be seen in the Occupy Wall Street protests. It took the atom bomb to shake Japan out of such a ‘denial of reality’ state in 1945, Let’s hope such an event is not needed for this political situation.

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