Physicians losing credibility

On the gun front there is the fundamental divide between whether a gun is offensive or defensive. Dr. Salwitz provides an example of the former. He says “I am a physician and guns are a disease“. Here is some of what he says to support this belief that are quite indicative.

“I feel guilty about the killings in Colorado … Because, I am a physician and guns are a disease.” … “Where once we required guns to protect ourselves from wild animals and to provide food, in a modern society this is a rare need. Except for marksmen who enjoy target shooting or hunting, guns have limited use for recreation. Therefore, in a modern society, what is the purpose of guns?” … “Guns have multiplied through our great Nation like a highly virulent virus. They infect one person at a time.” … “Our society is sick with spreading Gun Disease.” … “There is no immunity from the either guns or bullets and under the pressure of enough fear of gun violence, anyone will pick up a firearm and anyone can be shot.” … “Guns create guns. Feeding off their human hosts, they are a fatal infestation of our Nation.”

The stimulus for this was a mentally deranged person whose psychologist had warned authorities of his proclivities. Rather than focus on the medical issues, this doctor finds an object to use as a focus for his emotions. This sort of behavior is not conducive to good medical practice. Consider the quotations selected:

feeling guilty for something not in one’s control?

a doctor who is emotional fixated on being responsible for all illness?

a doctor who limits his vision and evades unpleasant options – like maybe there is a need for personal defense against thugs?

guns multiply like a virus and “guns create guns”?

no immunity from either guns or bullets when the statistics indicate otherwise?

Such poor thinking is enough to make one wonder …

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