Double down: insisting on innocense even when found with hand in cookie jar

It’s one of those discriminating characteristics. One one side is the apology and promise to do better in the future and on the other is the double down on denial of any wrongdoing. Captain Ed has another example: Reid: Romney is guilty of my evidence-free accusations until he proves himself innocent

“First we have Democratic mayors in Boston and Chicago acting like thugs, and now we’re getting McCarthyism from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. In three short weeks, the Democratic Party has utterly disgraced itself, from its leadership on down.”

There was an apology regarding the Winston Churchill bust episode — which started as an attempt to impugn the Republican nominee statements in England. The ‘what you got to hide’ mantra in regard to tax returns (doesn’t the IRS and its use to go after political opponents say anything on this?) and the continuing attempt to associate the political foe with “felon” stays in the ads – despite evidence that even the fact checkers on their side can’t ignore.

There is some adage about the need to stop digging when you have yourself in a hole … it seems the Democrats don’t think they are in a hole. One wonders how deep they will need to go before they finally become aware of the consequences of their behavior.

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