Global Warming Update

Kelly Redmond, a climatologist in Reno Nevada, says it is the daily minimums that are more reflective of global warming than a string of record highs. And the summer in Reno has had daily minimums 10 – 15 degrees warmer than climatological averages. It has also had a remarkably uniform summer in terms of temperatures.

But global warming is looking at a fraction of a degree per decade in temperature changes, not 10 to 15 degrees from one summer to the next.

A recent set of articles in a premier science journal caused some to claim “case closed” for human caused global warming. But all the articles did was to remove some of the discrepencies in measuring atmospheric temperature over the last few decades. It did nothing to resolve the discrepencies of that temperature measurement with the predictions of global climate models.

The ‘atmosphere’ is not good for a proper consideration of climate change, human influenced or not. There are so many people with heavy emotional investment that any unusual circumstance is paraded as ‘proof’ of the cause. When this is coupled with a long term global phenomena that is very difficult to measure, reports are easily misunderstood.

There is no doubt that the investigations and modeling and measuring should continue. We need to learn more about climate and how it changes now, how it has changed in the recent past, and how it has changed in the archeological past. But that is a separate issue from what we should do to attempt to ‘control’ it.

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